Every Home Has A Story.

Let Us Tell Yours.

A Higher Level of Marketing

Success doesn't happen by accident. The Nice Agents start every listing with a plan to attract the most qualified and appropriate buyers for your home. This results in better offers and a higher probability that the offer will succeed. Talk to one of our agents about how we can start a plan for your success.

Directly prospecting to buyers we are already in contact with. Drone images give buyers a different view of the home and captures their attention. HD Photography helps your home stand out.
National Advertising ensures that wherever your buyers are, we'll find them. We allow other brands and agents to advertise your home to their leads. Social Media is where it's at. Your Home needs to be there too.
Mobile friendly listings are important because most people are viewing homes on their mobile devices. Buyers love to see floor plans of homes, so that's what we need to provide to them. Any agent who says that the MLS is the same for everyone doesn't know what they're talking about. There are tricks to make the most of the MLS for your home.

Let's Get Started

Every journey starts with a first step. Your first step in selling your home and moving to your next chapter is contacting a Nice Agent to help you along that journey. We'll sit down with you to plan your listing, identify key goals, and ensure that nothing is left to chance. Your first step is to contact us, after that we'll walk this path together. 

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