The Wild Rose neighbourhood, which is east of the Kiniski Gardens neighbourhood in Mill Woods, is located within the Meadows Area Structure Plan (ASP) and defines the west-central portion of the ASP. The neighbourhood is bounded by 38th Avenue to the north, 17th Street to the east, and 34th Street to the west.

Prior to urban development, the northern portion of Wild Rose was used for agricultural cultivation, and the southern portion of the neighbourhood was left in its natural state. Wild Rose contains a variety of housing types, including single- and semi-detached homes, row housing, and apartments. At the time of the 2006 census, however, the neighbourhood was still dominated by single-detached homes, as the multi-family sites had not yet been constructed.

Wild Rose features public access to Mill Creek, which runs the length of the neighbourhood's southern border, and incorporates a variety of other parks and open space corridors, providing excellent access to outdoor amenity space for residents. Two utility rights-of-way run through the Wild Rose, one diagonally east–west, and the other north–south; both have been landscaped as linear parks. A central school and park site houses a public junior high school, providing a large open space within the neighbourhood for active recreation.

The neighbourhood does not contain any community-level commercial space, but residents have good access to a variety of services, including commercial and employment opportunities, in the adjacent Mill Woods, South Edmonton Common, and the Edmonton Research Park located west of the neighbourhood along 23rd Avenue.

Wild Rose is named for Rosa acicularis (wild rose), which has been the Alberta's official flower since the 1930s. All neighbourhoods in the Meadows are named after local flora.

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