Westbrook Estates was developed on land annexed to the City of Edmonton in 1960. Most of the neighbourhood’s single-detached homes were completed during the 1960s, although some single-unit housing and the neighbourhood’s apartments were built in the 1970s. A small percentage of housing units were built during the late 1980s and through the 1990s. The neighbourhood was designed to appeal to individuals and families in search of a quiet, high-quality residential environment with prestigious, architecturally designed homes and large lots. The neighbourhood is especially favoured by its physical location and mature landscaping.

Westbrook Estates is bounded by Whitemud Creek Ravine on the west, while a large portion of the centre and east is occupied by the Derrick Golf and Winter Club, which was founded in 1959. The street pattern was designed to take advantage of these features, with a majority of the lots backing onto either the ravine or the golf course. A number of strategically placed pathways promote pedestrian and bicycle travel within the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood's commercial and apartment development is situated in the northeast corner, separated from the area of single-family homes.

Residents of Westbrook Estates are served by businesses in the Westbrook Shopping Centre and the Petrolia Shopping Centre in nearby Greenfield. A wider range of goods and services are available at the nearby Southgate Centre shopping mall. There are no schools in Westbrook Estates; however, Westbrook Elementary School and Vernon Barford Junior High School are located immediately to the north in Aspen Gardens.

The name Westbrook Estates was suggested by developers. Westbrook reflects on the Whitemud Creek, which meanders to the west of the neighbourhood, and Estates reflects the many large lots in the neighbourhood.

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