The West Jasper Place neighbourhood is located in the west-central part of what used to be the Town of Jasper Place.

Prior to urban development, the area was homesteaded by Henry Goodridge, a farmer and Edmonton town councillor between 1901 and 1902. A location seven kilometres west of Edmonton’s central business district and just outside of the city limits did not deter pre-World War I land developers from creating a subdivision in current-day West Jasper Place. Eventually the area near 149th Street and Stony Plain Road formed the nucleus of the Town of Jasper Place.

During the 1930s, residents settled in the area to escape the higher taxes of Edmonton, but the town was annexed to Edmonton in 1964. At one time all of the lots in West Jasper Place were developed, but now higher-density redevelopment is the trend. The older single-family residences located immediately south of the Stony Plain Road commercial strip and along 140th and 156th Streets have steadily been replaced with low-rise apartments. Within the interior of the neighbourhood the single-family residence still dominates.

As an established neighbourhood, West Jasper Place has well-developed schools and community facilities. Residents have good access to downtown, shopping facilities, and the river valley ravine system. A large commercial centre in the northeast corner of the neighbourhood provides residents with a range of amenities and services, as does access to the Stony Plain Road Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) and businesses located along 149th and 156th Streets.

This neighbourhood’s name reflects its geographic location within the former Town of Jasper Place. The area became the Village of West Jasper Place in 1949, and when it was annexed to the City of Edmonton, the name West Jasper Place was preserved.

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