Located within the West Jasper Place South Area Structure Plan (ASP), the Wedgewood Heights neighbourhood borders the Anthony Henday ring road to the west and Wedgewood Ravine to the east. Proximity to the North Saskatchewan River Valley and ravine system is one of the defining features of the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood can be accessed via Lessard Road, which connects with Wedgewood Boulevard, the main collector road within the neighbourhood.

A limited amount of development began in Wedgewood Heights in the 1960s. Development ebbed during the 1970s, and the bulk of the neighbourhood was then constructed between the 1980s and 1990s. This development cycle explains the unusual mixture of acreages along Wedgewood Crescent and the standard-size single-detached lots found in the western part of the neighbourhood.

All structures within Wedgewood Heights are single-family homes. A main park site is located in the centre of the neighbourhood, and a pipeline right-of-way that runs diagonally across the neighbourhood has been landscaped as a pedestrian corridor, which provides residents with direct access to the Wedgewood Ravine and the river valley’s top-of-bank.

Wedgewood Heights is named after Wedgewood Ravine, located just north of Wedgewood Crescent. Most of the local roads in Wedgewood Heights are named in honour of well-known Edmontonians. For example, three early pioneers — Dr. R.B. Wells, W.R. Wells, and W.A. Wells — all contributed to the growth and development of Edmonton. In addition, the Weber family founded the Weber Bros. Company, and Colonel Charles Yardley Weaver was a city lawyer and former alderman.

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