Virginia Park is a small, centrally located residential neighbourhood just northeast of downtown Edmonton, situated along the North Saskatchewan River Valley. The residential portion of the neighbourhood is bounded by 112th Avenue to the north, Wayne Gretzky Drive to the east, Ada Boulevard to the south, and 76th Street to the west.

The northern half of the neighbourhood is dedicated to recreational land use and is home to Borden Park, which hosts many summertime events and includes the Borden Pool facilities. Virginia Park was one of many areas subdivided during the land boom prior to World War I. Despite initial enthusiasm, it was an area that developed slowly, despite the fact that the Highlands streetcar line (no longer in operation) passed through the neighbourhood.

Over 80 percent of the original structures within the neighbourhood were built before 1950. However, Virginia Park has experienced sustained redevelopment and infill over the years. As a result, the neighbourhood contains residential structures from both the very early and very late 1900s. Roughly 50 percent of housing units are low-density in character (single- and semi-detached homes) and the remainder are found in low-rise apartment buildings located in the northwest corner of the neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood contains two prominent landmarks, Concordia College to the west and Borden Park to the north, while Edmonton Northlands is located directly north of the neighbourhood, and the LRT (light rail transit) line runs down 80th Street. With the North Saskatchewan River valley immediately to the south and Borden Park to the north, many recreational opportunities are within walking distance.

The origin of the neighbourhood’s name is not known, but the neighbourhood was home to the former Virginia Park Greenhouse, which was established in 1912 and located in the middle of the neighbourhood. The greenhouse continued to operate in its original location until 1981, when it was moved to Ellerslie Road and 111th Street.

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