Sweet Grass is located in south-central Edmonton. The neighbourhood is bounded by 34th Avenue to the north, 111th Street to the east, a landscaped public utilities corridor to the south, and 119th Street to the west.

The area that includes Sweet Grass was annexed to Edmonton in 1964, but development of the neighbourhood did not begin until the 1970s. Now fully built out, the dominant land use in Sweet Grass is residential, and the major structure type is the single-family house. The neighbourhood does contain a minority of multi-family units, however, and taken together, row housing and apartment complexes are the source of nearly 600 dwelling units.

Recreational opportunities and parkland are located next to the elementary school located in the centre of the neighbourhood. Sweet Grass contains no commercial properties and few businesses, but a great variety of retail and service businesses are located along 111th Street, and in particular at the nearby Southgate Centre shopping mall.

The Century Park redevelopment on the former Heritage Mall site is located just southeast of Sweet Grass, and the south Light Rail Transit (LRT) extension runs along 111th Street with a new station at Century Park, providing residents of Sweet Grass with improved transit access.

The neighbourhood is named in honour of the Cree Indian Chief Sweet Grass, who was one of the early west’s first conservationists and instrumental in the protection of the endangered plains bison.

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