Located in south-central Edmonton, Steinhauer is an established neighbourhood that was developed during the 1970s. Like many neighbourhoods of its vintage, Steinhauer is built upon a curvilinear street pattern, and the residential lands are oriented around a central school and park site. The neighbourhood is bounded to the north by 34th Avenue, to the east by Calgary Trail, to the south by a utility corridor right-of-way, and to the west by 111th Street.

The principal land use in the neighbourhood is residential, and the major structure type is the single-family house. The houses surround a cluster of row housing complexes located in the south central portion of the neighbourhood, adjacent to the school site.

Located nearby is the area’s sole commercial element: a neighbourhood shopping plaza. Residents have easy access to additional retail and service outlets at the nearby Southgate Centre north on 111th Street. Furthermore, the Century Park development, located on the site of the former Heritage Mall, provides residents of Steinhauer with nearby commercial services, as well as an LRT Station along 111th Street.

The neighbourhood is named for Henry Bird Steinhauer, an Ojibway missionary hailing from Upper Canada who settled in Alberta during the mid-1800s.

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