Richford is located in southwest Edmonton within the Heritage Valley Servicing Concept Design Brief (SCDB), defining the northeastern corner of the SCDB. The neighbourhood is bounded by Blackmud Creek Ravine to the north and east, by 11th Street SW to the west, and by Ellerslie Road (9th Avenue) to the south. As of 2006, the neighbourhood was still actively under construction. The neighbourhood is planned to accommodate a mixture of housing forms, including existing low-density country residential homes on large lots, single-family homes, semi-detached homes and row houses, and higher density medium-rise apartments. In 2006, the neighbourhood contained 170 units, all of which were low-density.

Richford is not large enough to justify its own local school, but residents are able to share services easily with adjacent communities. A stormwater management facility located in the centre of the neighbourhood provides a focal point around which homes are oriented and provides open space for the use of all residents. The presence of Blackmud Creek Ravine is a significant natural amenity for area residents, and existing country residential properties back onto this open space. Richford takes its name from Richford Road (5th Avenue SW), which was officially changed to a street number in 1982. The name Richford was originally intended to attract homesteaders in to the area, as the name suggests the land is rich and fertile.

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