Although Queen Mary Park is located just northwest of Edmonton’s central business district, much of it was not developed until the 1950s. The neighbourhood is almost wholly contained within the old Hudson’s Bay Company Reserve.

In 1928, the Company placed a restrictive covenant on properties north of 108th Avenue: no structures other than single detached houses were to be built there. A residential watershed was formed as a result, although other structure types were later allowed through an amendment to the convenant. By the 1950s, most of the neighbourhood was developed, and by the 1960s, those properties closest to the downtown core were being redeveloped.

Typical of many inner city neighbourhoods, Queen Mary Park has a variety of land uses. Over 40 percent of the properties are residential, divided almost equally between single detached houses and low-rise apartments. Apartments are located to the north and south of the commercial strip development on 107th Avenue.

In 1885, a group of businessmen bought 40 acres from the Hudson’s Bay Company and established the Edmonton Cemetery. The City purchased the cemetery in 1964. The Edmonton Cemetery contains the city’s oldest and most architecturally diverse monuments; the cemetery’s Field of Honour is the resting place of over 600 veterans. The neighbourhood, a school, and a park are all named after Queen Mary.

Queen Mary, grandmother of Elizabeth II, was born in 1867. Queen Mary became known for her work with charities and hospitals during World War II. The Queen Mary Park Community League was founded in 1952.

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