The Ozerna neighbourhood is located within the Edmonton North Area Structure Plan (ASP), also known as the Lake District, and defines the ASP’s southeast corner. The neighbourhood is bounded by 167th Avenue to the north, 66th Street to the east, 153rd Avenue to the south, and 73rd Street to the west.

Ozerna is surrounded on all sides by other residential neighbourhoods, and those located to the north of Ozerna are currently under development. Residential construction within Ozerna began in the 1980s and continued on well into the 2000s. The physical design was based on the “neighbourhood unit concept,” a design plan popularized in the 1950s to 1970s, which features a central school and park site that provides easy local access within walking distance for all residents. As of 2009, a school had not yet been developed at this location.

Ozerna was planned to accommodate predominantly single-detached homes, and almost 80 percent of housing units within the neighbourhood are in this form. The neighbourhood does include some medium-density residential components, including semi-detached homes, row houses, and low-rise apartment buildings.

In addition to Ozerna’s central park site, a stormwater management lake and linear park that runs on top of the power line right-of-way provide additional open spaces and pedestrian connections for neighbourhood residents. The neighbourhood concept also clearly separates arterial roads from the internal traffic network to minimize short-cutting through the neighbourhood.

As with all neighbourhoods located within the Lake District, which are named after a body of water or a term for water in a language other than English, Ozerna is a Ukrainian word that means “lake area.”

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