North Glenora is located in west Edmonton. It is bounded by 111th Street to the north, 107th Street to the south, Groat Road to the east, and 142nd Street to the west.

The neighbourhood sits on land that was originally part of River Lot 2, a 1,000-acre estate owned by Malcolm Groat in 1870. This land was sold in 1906 to Montreal realtor James Carruthers. Although many of the older west-end communities that sit within the historic River Lot 2—Groat Estate, Westmount, and Glenora—were actively being developed from the turn of the century, it was not until the post-World War II economic boom that North Glenora began developing.

North Glenora was one of Edmonton's first comprehensively planned communities. The original subdivision plan, however, followed a grid street pattern typical of many neighbourhoods developed prior to the Second World War. This plan was prepared and the land surveyed during a period of intense land speculation before the First World War, but was left undeveloped as the result of the economic impact of two global wars and the Great Depression.

During the 1940s, the impact of the automobile became an important consideration in the planning of communities; a primary planning objective was to minimize cut-through traffic. In 1949, Noel Dant was hired as the city's first planner. He designed communities using a modified grid pattern of streets, incorporating crescents and cul-de-sacs to divert traffic around rather than through residential neighbourhoods.

North Glenora was re-subdivided and planned using the new street pattern. It proved so effective at deterring traffic short-cutting that Dant once got lost in North Glenora while trying to find his way through the newly developing community. With a total area of approximately 87 hectares, North Glenora is one of the smaller residential neighbourhoods in the city.

Residential construction in North Glenora occurred almost exclusively in the 1950s. The first building project in the neighbourhood was a recreation complex, which was built in 1953. Most of the public facilities and multi-unit housing complexes in North Glenora are centrally located, surrounded by the neighbourhood’s many single-family dwellings.

Westmount Mall, Edmonton’s first suburban shopping mall, is located just north of North Glenora. It has served neighbourhood residents since the mid-1950s.

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