Most neighbourhoods in Edmonton are dominated by residential land uses, but Montrose contains large proportions of several types of land use. A large amount of Montrose’s development occurred prior to 1950, and most of the remainder before 1960. On residential land, single- and semi-detached housing is the dominant structure type. Multi-family structures are located adjacent to the major roadways within and bounding Montrose.

Industrial and commercial land is concentrated in the western portion of the neighbourhood, taking advantage of the traffic circulation that the Yellowhead Trail, Wayne Gretzky Drive, and 118th and 120th Avenues bring to the area. The neighbourhood features several parks, schools, religious facilities, sports centres, and commercial services, all adding up to create a complete community. Residents also enjoy good access to destinations within the city via the nearby light rail transit (LRT) station.

The neighbourhood was named after the Marquis of Montrose, a celebrated Scottish hero famous for opposing forced Presbyterianism upon the Scottish people by English rule. In 1951, Montrose Elementary School was opened, and Edmonton City Council decided that the neighbourhood should be named after the school.

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