Meadowlark Park is located in West Edmonton. It is bounded to the north by 95th Avenue, the south by 87th Avenue, the west by 170th Street, and the east by 163rd Street.

During the late 1950s, the Town of Jasper Place, located just west of Edmonton’s city limits, developed several suburban neighbourhoods as alternative residential areas to those offered in Edmonton. Meadowlark Park is one such neighbourhood. The town was annexed to the City of Edmonton in 1964, and Meadowlark Park became one of Edmonton’s newer neighbourhoods.

Today, Meadowlark Park lies within the city’s Mature Neighbourhood Overlay and is surrounded on all sides by established residential neighbourhoods. Well-proportioned lots face streets that are arranged in a curvilinear pattern, and a school and park site are centrally located within the neighbourhood. Several small parks are strategically located throughout the neighbourhood to provide residents with access to open space. The dominant structure type in Meadowlark Park is the single-detached house, but over one-quarter of all residential dwelling units are in medium- and high-density forms such as apartment buildings.

An important component of the neighbourhood and surrounding areas is the commercial Meadowlark Park Centre, which provides numerous medical services and retail services.

The neighbourhood takes its name from the western meadowlark, a species of bird common to central and southern Alberta.

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