McLeod is located in north Edmonton within the Casselman-Steele District Outline Plan area. The neighbourhood is bounded by 153rd Avenue to the north, 58th Street to the east, 144th Avenue to the south, and 66th Street to the west. McLeod is surrounded by residential neighbourhoods on all sides and is well connected with arterial roads that facilitate easy access for residents to other parts of the city.

Residential construction in this neighbourhood was well under way in the 1950s, and McLeod was almost entirely built out by 1980. Like most suburban neighbourhoods of its time, land use in McLeod is primarily dedicated to residential purposes. Unique to McLeod is the fact that almost all of its residential properties were developed as single-detached dwellings. Most of these housing units were built during the 1960s, with higher density infill development occurring during the 1970s.

McLeod’s design is typical of the time in which it was subdivided. Streets are laid out in crescents and cul-de-sacs, and its residential lots are of a generous size. Schools in most neighbourhoods are centrally located, but the four schools in McLeod are situated along the southeast perimeter of the neighbourhood. In this location, the school and parks sites serve not only the children of McLeod, but also those of adjacent neighbourhoods, such as Casselman to the east.

This neighbourhood was named after Murdoch McLeod (1844–1930), an early pioneer who arrived in Canada from Scotland after signing on with the Hudson Bay Company in 1861. McLeod spent six years in the Arctic, was held prisoner in Manitoba during the Riel Rebellion, and moved to Edmonton in 1879 to farm in the Belmont area.

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