The Mayliewan neighbourhood is located within the Edmonton North Area Structure Plan (ASP) and defines the south-central portion of the Edmonton North ASP. The neighbourhood is bounded by 167th Avenue to the north, 82nd Street to the east, 74th Street to the west, and 153rd Avenue to the south.

The neighbourhood began to experience some development in the 1980s, but the bulk of construction took place in the 1990s and continued well into the 2000s. Residential development consists of approximately 97 percent single-family houses and 3 percent duplex housing. Local streets lead traffic from the centre of the neighbourhood outward, and from the perimeter inward to a collector road network bisecting the neighbourhood. The collector road network feeds traffic out of the neighbourhood to both 82nd Street and 167th Avenue.

Land use in Mayliewan is almost entirely residential and was planned to accommodate primarily single-family houses oriented around the local parks system. The neighbourhood was designed to ensure that most residents would have direct easy access to parks and/or one of the two stormwater management lakes. The intention was to build a community where children could easily walk to a local park and where walking and cycling would be significant transportation options within the neighbourhood.

A large school/park site is located in the centre of the neighbourhood and houses the St. John Bosco Elementary School. A pipeline right-of-way runs east–west along the northern portion of the neighborhood, and the surface has been transformed into a linear park to provide pedestrian and cyclist connections for residents within the neighbourhood. Another right-of-way runs diagonally in an east–west direction across the northern portion of the neighbourhood, functioning as a key linking feature within Mayliewan's pedestrian pathway network.

As with all neighbourhoods in Edmonton’s Lake District, Mayliewan was named after a body of water. The name was taken from the Cantonese word meaning “beautiful bay.”

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