The Matt Berry neighbourhood is located in north Edmonton within the Pilot Sound Area Structure Plan (ASP) and defines the southwestern corner of the Pilot Sound ASP. Prior to urban development, the land the neighbourhood was built on was used for the agricultural cultivation of grain and cereal crops. Matt Berry is bounded by 167th Avenue to the north, 59th Street to the east, 66th Street to the west, and 153rd Avenue to the south.

Land use in Matt Berry is almost entirely residential and was planned to accommodate primarily single-family houses. The neighbourhood began to experience some development in the 1980s, but the bulk of construction took place in the 1990s and continued into the 2000s. The neighbourhood is substantively complete, but as of 2009, some multi-family residential parcels had yet to be constructed.

Two pipeline rights-of-way, one running east–west and the other northwest–southeast, are located in Matt Berry. The surfaces of these areas have been transformed into linear parks to provide pedestrian and cyclist connections for residents and to link the pathway network. A large 9.6-hectare school/park site is located on the eastern boundary of the neighbourhood, and smaller parks are located strategically within the neighbourhood to provide residents with public amenity space.

As with all neighbourhoods in the Pilot Sound area, Matt Berry was named in honour of a Canadian aviation pioneer. Massey “Matt” Berry (1889–1970) was a veteran of both world wars and an award-winning bush pilot, and is credited with having helped open up parts of northern Canada. He was named to Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame in 1973.

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