Lynnwood is located in west Edmonton. It is bounded to the east by 149th Street, the south by Whitemud Drive, the west by 159th Street, and the north by 87th Avenue. The neighbourhood began its development as a part of the Town of Jasper Place during the 1950s and continued its development into the early 1980s.

The notable feature of Lynnwood is its uniformity; almost all properties are residential. The subdivision plan is based on the modified grid pattern, with curvilinear streets and a design that accommodates the river valley system. The neighbourhood contains a mixture of housing types. Single-detached housing dominates the interior of the neighbourhood, and a sizeable apartment complex is located in the north-central portion of the neighbourhood along 87th Avenue.

Lynnwood has well-developed school and park facilities and many mature trees lining its streets. A ravine, part of the North Saskatchewan River Valley system, runs through the south-central portion of the neighbourhood, providing residents with access to natural open space.

While a limited number of businesses are contained within Lynnwood, a commercial element is located in nearby Meadowlark Mall. The neighbourhood’s central location provides excellent access to Whitemud Drive and to local commercial amenities and services along 149th Street.

The neighbourhood name was derived from “lynn,” which refers to the wood of the linden tree.

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