Lauderdale, one of Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods, is located north of the Yellowhead corridor and west of 97th Street. Although the neighbourhood and surrounding areas have been within Edmonton’s city limits since 1913, Lauderdale did not experience widespread development until the late 1950s and early 1960s.

The dominant structure type in Lauderdale is the single-detached house. This structure form also supplies over 50 percent of the neighbourhood’s residences. The remaining 50 percent are semi-detached homes, row houses, and apartment buildings. A school and park site is located in the centre of the neighbourhood, around which residential dwellings are located. Lauderdale has a large proportion of recreational space and undeveloped land in the western portion of the neighbourhood, most of which is owned by the City of Edmonton.

The City has developed the Grand Trunk Recreational Centre on a large property located in the neighbourhood’s northwest corner. Commercial land uses are concentrated along Lauderdale’s eastern boundary and are part of the 97th Street commercial strip development. Connection with these major roadways gives residents of Lauderdale easy access to other parts of the city, including the downtown core.

The neighbourhood is named after James Lauder, originally from Scotland, who farmed and owned land near the Lauderdale neighbourhood before the turn of the century. Lauder opened a bakery in 1885.

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