The Lago Lindo neighbourhood is located in north Edmonton. It is bounded to the west by 97th Street, to the east by 91st Street, and to the south by 167th Avenue.

The principal land use in Lago Lindo is residential. Single-family homes account for 95 percent of the total residential land area and supply nearly 90 percent of the neighbourhood’s dwelling units. Almost all of Lago Lindo’s development occurred in the 1980s. A few single-detached homes were built in early 1990, essentially completing the neighbourhood. Interior residential streets are designed to provide for efficient traffic flow to and from the neighbourhood.

The community’s educational and recreational facilities are located in the centre of the neighbourhood. A number of strategically placed pathways promote pedestrian and bicycle travel throughout Lago Lindo. To enhance this effect, pedestrian walkways surround and connect the two lakes. A landscaped buffer extends the full length of the western boundary to protect the residents from the disruptive effects of traffic on 97th Street.

A small commercial area is located on the eastern border of the neighbourhood along 91st Street, and major commercial amenities are available just west of the neighbourhood along 167th Avenue. Residents can also access commercial amenities in Edmonton's downtown via 97th Street.

Neighbourhoods in the Lake District have names referring to lakes in different languages, a concept that recognizes Edmonton’s ethnic diversity. The name “Lago Lindo” is derived from the Spanish phrase for “pretty lake.” The neighbourhood contains two lakes: Valencia Lake is named after a community in Spain, and Andorra Lake refers to a region in the Pyrenees Mountains on the northeast boundary of Spain.

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