The land that makes up the neighbourhood of Killarney has been part of Edmonton since 1913. The neighbourhood is bounded to the north by 132nd Avenue, the east by 82nd Street, the south by 127th Avenue, and the west by 97th Street.

Lands adjacent to Namayo Avenue (now 97th Street) were subdivided as early as 1911. The remainder of the neighbourhood was subdivided in the late 1950s, and the bulk of development took place shortly thereafter.

The neighbourhood features a range of housing types. Single-detached homes account for 32 percent of residential units, and the remainder is split evenly between semi-detached homes, row housing, and low-rise apartments.

Killarney supports four schools, several parks, and at least four religious assemblies. Killarney's commercial properties, including Northgate Centre and North Town Mall, are located along 82nd and 97th Streets. 97th Street also provides access to Edmonton's downtown. 127th Avenue runs along the southern border of Killarney, and the Yellowhead Highway lies directly to the south of the neighbourhood, providing access to the rest of the city.

The name Killarney is taken from the town of Killarney, Ireland. Killarney is the anglicized version of Cill Airne, which means “church of the sloes.” Sloe is a small, purplish fruit that grows on blackthorn bushes.

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