The Henderson Estates neighbourhood is located within the Riverbend Area Structure Plan (ASP) and defines the southwestern perimeter of the Riverbend ASP. The neighbourhood is bounded by Rabbit Hill Road/Rhatigan Road West on the north, Riverbend Road on the east, the river valley on the west, and a power corporation’s right-of-way on the south.

Prior to urban development, Henderson Estates was primarily under agricultural cultivation. The neighbourhood experienced most of its development during the 1980s and 1990s. This development predominantly takes the form of single-detached housing (90 percent), with the remaining 10 percent in semi-detached and row housing structures.

The North Saskatchewan River Valley runs the length of the neighbourhood’s western boundary, providing residents with excellent access to Edmonton’s greatest natural asset. Henderson Park is located at the centre of the neighbourhood, which is also where the community league facility is located. While the central park is also designated as a school site, there is no school built yet in this location.

Henderson Estates is named after Thomas Henderson, a homesteader in the Riverbend area in the late 19th century. Henderson and his family moved to Edmonton in 1880. The family farmed several homesteads before settling near Rabbit Hill. Henderson also imported Italian honey bees to his farm, which is reputed to have been the first honey bee colony in Edmonton. Henderson Estates bears Henderson’s name because his homestead was located nearby.

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