In 1961, the Hairsine area was annexed by the City of Edmonton, and the community became part of the Clareview Outline Plan in 1972. Today, Hairsine is a fully developed neighbourhood bounded by 137th Avenue, 144th Avenue, 36th Street, and Victoria Trail. Development in Hairsine started in the 1970s and continued into the 1980s.

Over 70 percent of the dwelling units in the neighbourhood are located in row housing and low-rise apartment structures. The shared school and park site is located in the middle of the neighbourhood. Commercial amenities are available along 137th Avenue and along Victoria Trail, and extensive amenities are also available in the nearby Clareview Town Centre.

Residents enjoy good access to destinations within the city via the Light Rail Transit system, with a station located in the adjacent neighbourhood of Clareview Town Centre. Approximately 21 percent of residents use public transit to get to work, which is higher than the citywide average of 13 percent.

Hairsine was named in honour of Albert Hairsine, who was the first mayor of the Town of Beverly. He served as mayor until 1951.

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