Glengarry is located north of the Yellowhead Corridor and surrounded by residential communities of approximately the same vintage. It is bounded to the north by 137th Avenue, to the south by 132nd Avenue, to the east by 82nd Street, and to the west by 97th Street. The neighbourhood of Glengarry replaced the older subdivisions Sunalta and Nameyo Park, which had existed from the early 1910s on.

The neighbourhood experienced the bulk of its residential development in the 1960s, with some construction beginning after World War II and some extending into the 1980s. Glengarry contains a range of housing types: while single-detached units make up about 55 percent of residences, 15 percent consists of low- and high-rise apartments, and the remaining 30 percent is row housing.

Glengarry is a diverse neighbourhood in terms of general land use. Residential, commercial, institutional, and recreational land uses are all well represented. A large school/park site is located in the centre of the neighbourhood, which houses two schools and a recreation centre. Schools, parkland, and a swimming pool account for the nearly 30 hectares of institutional and recreational lands.

The Northgate Centre shopping mall, located in the northwest portion of the neighbourhood, makes up a large proportion of the neighbourhood’s commercial land, providing nearby retail and medical services. Access to 97th Street, which runs along the neighbourhood’s eastern border, provides residents with good access to amenities, services, and employment centres in other parts of the city.

Glengarry, which means “rough water glen,” was named after a Scottish glen in Inverness-shire.

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