Fraser is a residential neighbourhood located between 144th Avenue and 153rd Avenue, and west of 18th Street to Victoria Trail. Almost all residential development occurred during the 1970s and 1980s, but development has continued at a slower pace into the early 2000s while several parcels of residential land are still awaiting development.

Single-family housing accounts for approximately 60 percent of all residences, while the remaining 40 percent is low-rise apartments and row housing. The Fraser area, along with much of present-day northeast Edmonton, was annexed to the City of Edmonton in 1961. Fraser was one of several neighbourhoods included in the Clareview Outline Plan, approved by Edmonton’s City Council in May 1972. A Neighbourhood Structure Plan for Fraser was approved in 1982.

Fraser is located along the north shore of the North Saskatchewan River Valley, which provides residents with excellent access to natural open space and Edmonton’s most significant natural asset. At the centre of Fraser is a multi-purpose school and recreation area. A small neighbourhood shopping centre is located by Victoria Trail and 161st Avenue.

The neighbourhood was named in recognition of John Fraser (1840-1919). He was born at Jasper House and was an original homesteader of River Lot 28. Fraser took an active interest in education and was one of the first trustees of the Belmont School, one of the first schools established in the province.

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