Ermineskin is bounded to the east by Calgary Trail and Gateway Boulevard, the west by 111th Street, the south by 23rd Avenue, and the north by a utility corridor. While the bulk of residential construction took place in the 1970s, residential development has continued well into the early 2000s, primarily in the form of infill development and intensification.

Like many neighbourhoods in this part of Edmonton, Ermineskin has a curvilinear street pattern and was developed during the 1970s and 1980s. Most of the area is residential, but there are also large portions of commercial, open space, and vacant land that make Ermineskin a very mixed-use neighbourhood. The residential development within the neighbourhood is mixed in terms of residential densities and structure types. Ermineskin contains single- and semi-detached houses, row housing, and low- and high-rise apartments.

The 17.4-hectare (43-acre) site of the former Heritage Mall, located along 111th Street, began its transformation into a mixed-use urban village in the mid-2000s. Called “Century Park,” this redevelopment provides a mixture of commercial, office, and residential space oriented around a central park space. It is connected to a new Light Rail Transit (LRT) station, making it Edmonton’s first purpose-built Transit Oriented Development and large-scale greyfield redevelopment project. When complete, Century Park will contain 2,800 residential units and 360,000 square feet of office and commercial space.

The Ermineskin neighbourhood is named after Cree Chief Ermineskin of Hobbema.

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