Empire Park is a diverse neighbourhood, with residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial land uses all well represented. The neighbourhood is bounded by four major roadways: Calgary Trail to the east, Whitemud Drive to the south, 111th Street to the west, and 51st Avenue to the north.

Development of the neighbourhood began during the 1960s, and for the most part was complete by the 1970s. While development of the area did not begin until the second half of the 20th century, the neighbourhood has existed since the early 1910s.

Unlike most Edmonton neighbourhoods, Empire Park is characterized by a very high proportion of multi-family housing, with a mere 3 percent of units that are single-detached structures. Most dwelling units are contained within row housing and apartment complexes.

Thanks to the neighbourhood’s central location, residents are easily able to access a range of commercial and employment areas. Southgate Shopping Centre is the primary commercial development within the neighbourhood and a major shopping facility for residents of nearby neighbourhoods. The shopping centre is situated on the western side of Empire Park and occupies approximately one quarter of the neighbourhood’s property area. Additional businesses are located along 51st Avenue and Calgary Trail South.

The name Empire Park likely references the British Empire, as many early Edmontonians were of British origin.

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