The Eaux Claires neighbourhood is bounded by 167th Avenue to the north, 97th Street to the west, 153rd Avenue to the south, and 82nd Street to the east, adjacent to the Belle Rive neighbourhood. Residential construction began in earnest in the late 1990s to early 2000s and was still under way as of 2008. A power substation was built along 97th Street at 162 Avenue to provide much-needed power to the growing north sector of the city.

The Eaux Claires Neighbourhood Structure Plan was adopted by city council in 1983. The neighbourhood design objectives outlined in the plan included: creating a safe, quiet residential neighbourhood; establishing a safe, hierarchical road system that would enable easy access to the neighbourhood but minimize traffic on interior roads; and providing residents with access to a variety of housing types and local amenities, including non-residential land uses.

Housing types include a mixture of single- and semi-detached homes and walk-up apartments. A number of pedestrian pathways and linkages were included throughout the neighbourhood to provide residents with walkable access through Eaux Claires. The neighbourhood also includes a central park/school site, in addition to other small parks and stormwater management ponds located strategically throughout the area. Commercial services are available to residents along 97th Street.

Located in the Lake District, Eaux Claires takes its name from a body of water; the neighbourhood name means “clear waters” in French.

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