Part of the land that makes up the Duggan neighbourhood was once owned by J. J. Duggan, a pioneer and mayor of Edmonton’s early rival, the City of Strathcona. Large-scale development of the area began in the 1960s and peaked during the 1970s, but a small amount of development, and later redevelopment, persisted from 1980 onwards. 

Duggan’s subdivision reflects the popular neighbourhood design elements of the 1960s. Higher density residential land uses are located along major roadways and near the central school and park sites. Single-detached houses dominate as the major structure type, and are grouped around the center of the neighbourhood and along curvilinear streets. Apartments supply just under 30 percent of all residential units, while semi-detached homes and row housing account for over 10 percent.

The neighbourhood’s commercial element is also centrally located. Duggan has good traffic circulation on three sides, and the road network allows residents good access to a variety of destinations of Edmonton’s south side, especially with its easy connections to Whitemud Drive on its northern border and Calgary Trail on its eastern border.

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