Edmonton's Downtown is bounded on the north by 105th Avenue, to the west by 110th Street, and to the south by the North Saskatchewan River Valley escarpment.

At the turn of the century, the Hudson Bay Company Reserve, situated directly north of Fort Edmonton (which was located on the site of today’s legislature grounds), forced the town to locate east of the Fort. As a result, the commercial hub of activity was located at Jasper Avenue and 97th Street. Much of the Downtown neighbourhood is now located on the south portion of the reserve. Jasper Avenue remains the main avenue, but commercial activities have expanded significantly to the west of 97th Street.

The Downtown has been continually undergoing some form of redevelopment, particularly since the 1970s. Since the late 1990s, residential intensification within the Downtown has been a significant form of redevelopment. This has resulted in an expanding local population of residents, and an attendant expansion and diversity in the sorts of commercial services that support residential environments such as grocery stores.

The neighbourhood provides Edmonton’s most complex mix of institutional, office, retail, warehouse, and residential land uses, which are supported by LRT stations throughout. The provincial government centre, the old warehouse district, the Jasper Avenue commercial/office corridor, the municipal government and arts district, and growing residential communities perched on the riverbank and throughout the area as a whole make for a very dynamic neighbourhood.

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