Delwood is a mature suburban neighbourhood developed primarily in the 1960s. The neighbourhood is bounded by 137th Avenue to the north, 82nd Street to the west, 132nd Avenue to the south, and 66th Street to the east. The Belvedere neighbourhood, which provides commercial amenities along Fort Road and the Belvedere Light Rail Transit (LRT) station, is located directly east of Delwood.

The neighbourhood includes a variety of housing types, including single and semi-detached homes, row housing, and low-rise apartments. The neighbourhood design was a popular one during the time it was subdivided. Interior streets follow a modified grid pattern oriented around small pocket parks and a larger park/school site along Delwood Road.

The schools are centrally located, and commercial land uses are situated at the corners of the neighbourhood. Josef Chelen Park, located in the northeast corner of the neighbourhood, was named after a Polish-born market gardener in the Beverly Area.

This neighbourhood has existed since the early 1900s and was likely named in honour of Edward Delegare “Del” Grierson, a prominent land owner and politician. Delwood replaced the old subdivision names of Industrial Centre, Queen’s Park, and East Delton.

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