Chambery is the north-easternmost neighbourhood within the Castle Downs Extension Plan area. The neighbourhood is located south of Anthony Henday Drive, east of 112th Street, south of 173rd Avenue, and west of the Elsinore neighbourhood at approximately 106th Street.

Prior to urban development, Chambery was in agricultural use. The neighbourhood underwent some residential construction in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but the bulk of development started in the early 2000s. As of 2008, all of the residential units were single-detached dwellings, but the neighbourhood plan indicates an eventual residential mix of 67 percent low-density units and 33 percent medium-density units.

There is no commercial space planned for Chambery, but some neighbourhood-level commercial amenities are available in adjacent Elsinore, and a greater variety of amenities are available in neighbourhoods to the south. Chambery has been planned to incorporate a series of residential sub-units within the neighbourhood, as defined by the collector road system.

Once complete, the neighbourhood will feature a central school site and two smaller pocket parks, which will provide keystones within the integrated system of open spaces for Chambery. The St. Charles Catholic Church is located on the western edge of the neighbourhood along 176th Avenue, and is a prominent institutional building within the neighbourhood.

Following the naming convention for neighbourhoods located within the Castle Downs area, Chambery takes its name from a famous castle. The original Chambery Castle was founded in 1232 and served as the capital of the mountain Duchy of Savoy until the sixteenth century. This ancient castle, restored many times over the centuries, still stands today.

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