Carlisle is one of the neighbourhoods in the Castle Downs Outline Plan area. The neighbourhood is located south of 145th Avenue, north of 137th Avenue, west of 124th street, and east of 113A Street. Carlisle was developed on land annexed to the City of Edmonton in 1971.

Development within the neighbourhood began in the 1970s, shortly after the land was subdivided. Construction continued into the 1980s, with some remnant construction continuing on into the 2000s. Multi-unit structures are an integral part of the neighbourhood and are situated along collector roads. Recreation opportunities and parkland are conveniently placed next to the community league and the elementary school, which are in the centre of the neighbourhood.

In keeping with the naming convention for the area, Carlisle is named after a famous castle. The original Carlisle Castle is located south of England’s border with Scotland. Construction of the castle was begun in 1093 by King William II. Carlisle has gone through extensive renovations and today is one of the best-preserved castles in England.

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