Formerly the home of Edmonton’s municipal airport, the Blatchford area is undergoing development to include a residential community. The plan area is bounded by Yellowhead Trail to the north, Kingsway Boulevard and Princess Elizabeth Avenue to the south, 106 Street to the east, and 121 Street to the west. Blatchford is already home to a large portion of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) campus—which will expand further into the community in the future—as well as several municipal facilities, an aviation museum, and a number of businesses. The area is planned to contain a sustainable community, which will use a new city-owned district energy sharing system to provide environmentally friendly utilities. Two planned residential spaces on the east and west sides of the community will contain row, apartment, and condo housing. In between is Blatchford Park, which will contain green space, trails, and ponds. A commercial area will be located in the south end of Blatchford. Other nearby amenities include Kingsway Mall and the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Workers and residents can access the rest of the city via Yellowhead Trail and other main roads. Transit is available via the NAIT LRT station, which is the end point of the Metro Line.

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