On October 23, 1969, the Mayor and Council of the City of Edmonton gave its consent for the annexation of nine and a half sections of land in north Edmonton. These annexation lands comprised both the developing Castle Downs area and the proposed Edmonton North Area (Castle Downs Stage II) and were brought within City jurisdiction on January 1, 1971.

The neighbourhood is bounded by 153rd Avenue on the south, 82nd Street on the east, 167th Avenue on the north, and approximately 91st Street on the west. A power transmission line right-of-way traverses the north portion of the neighbourhood, and an artificial lake is located in the southwestern portion of the neighbourhood. The design concept for the neighbourhood was established to create a balanced, cohesive environment.

The roadway network for Belle Rive was designed to minimize the number of crossings, and includes six entrance points to the neighbourhood. The design provides a functional hierarchical roadway network to distribute traffic within the neighbourhood while discouraging non-residents of the neighbourhood from using the roads.

The name of the neighbourhood, Belle Rive, is taken from the French “beautiful shore.” All of the neighbourhoods within the Lake District are named after descriptions of lakes.

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