Aspen Gardens was developed on land annexed to the City of Edmonton in 1960. The neighbourhood’s single-family homes were constructed during the 1960s and the apartments were built during the 1970s. Aspen Gardens was designed to appeal to individuals and families in search of a quiet, high-quality residential neighbourhood with “executive”-style homes and above average-sized lots.

The neighbourhood is favoured by its physical location and features. The mature trees and shrubs, as well as the area’s gently rolling topography, present an attractive environment. Whitemud Creek Ravine borders the neighbourhood on the west, and a branch of the ravine separates an apartment complex at the north end from an area of single-family homes in the south.

The curved border between Aspen Gardens and Whitemud Creek Ravine is reflected in the Aspen Gardens Street pattern. Many of the neighbourhood’s finest homes back onto the ravine. Strategically placed pathways promote pedestrian and bicycle travel through the neighbourhood.

The main access road and bus route into Aspen Gardens is 40th Avenue at 119th Street. On the south side, 121 Street and Aspen Drive West connect the neighbourhood to the Westbrook Estates. There are no businesses in Aspen Gardens; however, commercial services are available in the nearby Westbrook Shopping Centre and Petrolia Shopping Centre.

The neighbourhood was named after the aspen tree, a species commonly found in the Parkland forests of west central Alberta.

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