CFB Edmonton Garrison HHT"We'd love to be your agents, to help you and your family with this challenging process. It would be our honour."
- The Nice Agents

You've been posted to Edmonton. Congrats! But now what? 

Your Brookfield representative will have a lot of information for you, including a list of "approved" REALTORS, lawyers, and inspectors. It's a long list; a daunting list. How do you pick the right people? 

Well first off, we'd love to be your agents. Our team Leader, John Carle, has been helping Military Families in the Edmonton area for more than 20 years. He has done 100's of HHT's, with experience dealing with Brookfield and DND transfers all the way back into the 1990's. 


Our approach to a military posting is to be as prepared as possible. Therefore we do our best to help you learn about the market, the neighbourhoods and schools, and narrow down where you want to live before you set foot on the plane. There are a lot of options, so the more homework we can do ahead of time, the better! 

We know you only have a week, and it's a high stress week! So your Nice Agent Realtor will clear their week of other clients, personal commitments, and other distractions so we can make the most of your HHT week. 

We pre-book as much as we can, so you have confidence. Our home inspectors, who are on the Brookfield approved list of course, allow us to reserve time with them even without a house offer accepted. They understand the time constraints you're under. But we all know it's best for you if you can be present for the inspection. Our lawyers, again on the Brookfield approved list, are on standby to put any paperwork in place and meet with you while you're here, as needed. Again, the goal is to be available for you and to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Neighbourhoods Close to CFB Edmonton

We know that living near the base is important. So we've compiled a list of nearby areas near to CFB Edmonton to help you with narrowing your list. You can view homes for sale, read about each neighbourhood, and even start compiling a list of favourite homes to see on your HHT. Feel free to click "fsave" on any listing, we'll track these for you and make suggestions of similar homes that you can consider.