Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

Brokers have the options you may need.
Getting ready to shop for that perfect property? Or perhaps you've already
found the one, whether you are purchasing your first or fourth home it's
likely you're going to need a mortgage for it. While your own financial
institution is one place to start, it's certainly not the only source of financing
Choosing a Licensed Mortgage Professional (Mortgage Broker) means you
will have access to numerous lenders and lending options without having to
visit or contact each lender yourself. This increases your chance of getting
approved, in addition to accessing the best rate and mortgage product
available for your situation.
Mortgage Brokers work closely with you to provide a personalized
mortgage plan (taking both your current and future needs into account). Not
only will you be provided with the best rate, terms and product available;
but you will receive the added benefit of trusted advice and guidance along
the way.
Here are some things you can expect when working with a Mortgage
 Save Time - When you deal with a mortgage worker you only have to
complete one application, the mortgage broker uses that application
to shop various lenders to find the best product in rate for your needs.
This can be done via scheduled phone meeting or online, saving
YOU valuable time
 Choice - when you go to a bank you are offered only their product, a
Mortgage Broker can deal with a variety of mortgage lenders, banks
and private lenders.
 Unbiased Advice - Mortgage Brokers work for you, their client, not a
specific bank
 Speciality - a Mortgage Broker's job is to work on mortgages, it's the
only thing that they do. Mortgage Brokers are licensed and fully
understand mortgages, study rate markets, talk to lenders daily and
keep abreast of the latest product/policy developments

 Offer fully underwritten pre-approvals (shop with confidence)
 Access to over 50 lenders - options, options, options
 Secure/user friendly software for online mortgage applications
 Advice/guidance/mortgage education
 Exceptional service/advice and tailored mortgage solution to best fit
your needs dash including the best product terms and lowest possible
 NO COST - Mortgage Broker offers you all these amazing services
for free, the lender pays the Mortgage Broker a finder's fee after you
take possession of your house.
It's important to work with the Mortgage Broker you are comfortable with
and trust - they are a perfect part of the team of professionals you're putting
together to help you get the job done.

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