Was 2021 A 'Good Year'?

It must be January; my colleagues are posting about what a profitable year they had in 2021, how many homes they've sold, and how they’re looking forward to making even more money in 2022.
I'm happy for them, I like to see people feeling fulfilled. But I also understand that a pattern of past success is an indicator of future success, and they're trying to get that message out too.
So in the spirit of that message, I’m going to share JUST A FEW of my success from 2021...
(SPOILER: The last one is my favourite, while #8 made me cry.)
… I helped an old friend sell her house so she and her new spouse can build their dream acreage together.
… I helped a gentleman buy a house so he could start the process of moving his wife and 2 children from a war torn part of the Middle East.
… I helped a couple realize their dream of finally buying an acreage, but still close enough to ride bikes to work.
… I helped a young family upgrade from a duplex to a stand alone house, a dream she’s always had.
… I helped an existing client realize that 2021 wasn’t the right year for them to move, they stayed where they are.
… I helped a little elderly widow move from her big family home to a gorgeous apartment on the river where she’s now part of a daily walking group.
… I helped several military families relocate both into and out of the area.
… I helped a man dying of cancer sell his condo so he could spend his last few months on a beach in the tropics.
… I helped a friend cut the last strings from an ex-spouse and move ahead with his new life.
… I helped a retired realtor sell an investment property so she could ride off into the sunset in her RV.
… I helped a grandma move closer to her grandkids.
... I helped a young lady buy her first home. She cried.
… I helped a close friend buy a house now that he’s free from a difficult divorce. "I feel fulfilled".
… I helped a man sell his late father’s home, so his family could complete the mourning process and move on.
... I helped a couple buy a home near the right school, so their son could walk home from school.
... I helped a young man renegotiate his mortgage so he could keep his condo and not face foreclosure.
… I helped an old client return to Canada after her husband passed suddenly.
… I helped friends move to BC where they’re starting a new adventure together.
… I helped an elderly lady downsize so she could finally retire and enjoy her grandkids.
… I helped a family of 9 (and counting) buy an acreage so the kids have room to run!
… I convinced a recently widowed client to just wait a year. This took the pressure off her, and allowed her to focus on her family.
… I helped an elderly gentleman sell his house that he can’t maintain and move into a retirement home, so he can be cared for.
… I helped a married military couple who have never lived in the same city together buy a house and for the first time in their lives together they have a home that they can call “ours”; and I've learned they’re starting a family there any day now.
There are many more great stories from 2021, these are just a few examples of my professional successes from 2021. I measure success by the life stories I am invited to share in. It has been an honour to be a part of these stories, I can’t wait to see how they all turn out!

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