How Important is Mobile Friendly?

We all have mobile phones, and we all use them every day. They've permeated every aspect of our lives. It's hard to believe that 15 years ago we were using flip phones without cameras! 

But how important is a mobile friendly listing when selling your home? Take a look at this pie chart; it's a measure of people who have inquired about homes on our website. 

Mobile Traffic

Fully 2/3 of the people who inquire about the homes we are marketing do so from a mobile device. WOW! If your agents' website isn't at least mobile friendly, then you're missing out on the lions share of the traffic. 

It's important for your agent to not only have a website, but to have a mobile friendly website. In fact, at the Nice Agents we would say mobile FOCUSED moreso than merely friendly.

So how do you determine the "mobile friendliness" of a website? First off, visit their site on your own mobile device. How quickly does it load?

Next, critique the user experience. How easy is it to navigate? Do the images resize for a mobile screen? What happens to the menu, does it stay on screen or do you have to scroll all the way back tot he top? These are important things for any mobile site, to keep it user friendly and easy to navigate. 

There's a few features a mobile real estate site should have, specific to real estate. Here's a list of the most important. 

1. an easy to use map search. Mobile users are far more likely to use the map search on a website than someone on a laptop or desktop. 

2. Easy access to the agent. Too many steps or busy forms to book a showing of the house, or reach out for questions will lose you buyers. 

3. Collapsing menus of information. Nobody wants to scroll and scroll and scroll through data and statistics. Organizing that information into collapsable menus makes a site much more mobile friendly. 

4. Pictures first! This is no surprise, but mobile users want to see the pictures. They should be right up front on the listing, or at the very least near the top of the page. Give them what they want first!

There's a lot more to a mobile focused website than the above, but honestly we don't speak "cyber nerd" so we won't say more. We are proud, though, to partner with one of the world's leading real estate website developers to ensure that our site is always at the leading edge. 

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