Big Lake Communities Real Estate Update - May 2022

The Big Lake Communities continue to see growth and sales figures that exceed the Edmonton Area statistics. This is due in part to this remote area becoming more widely known; it's desirable location is becoming popular. 

Days to sell is at 25 for the Big Lake Communities; where Edmonton as a whole is at 40 days. 

The number of new lsitings is up 59% year over year, and sale volume is up 22% in May of 2022 vs May of 2021. Edmonton has seen an average home value increase of just over 4.6% where the Big Lake Communities are up 13%. 

The Big Lake Communities continue to be an excellent investment, outperforming the rest of Edmonton every month. If you're looking to capitalize on your wise investment, or you want to get invested in a Big Lake Neighbourhood, we would love to help you. Call or text the Nice Agents at 780-701-9090 and we will discuss your options. 

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