Big Lake Communities Real Estate Update - July 2022

The Big Lake neighbourhoods of Trumpeter, Starling, Kinglet, and Hawks Ridge continue to defy the greater Edmonton real estate market. 

Starling, Trumper, Kinglet & Hawks Ridge market update for July 2022Sales have actually increased in July 2022, up 58% over July 2021 where Edmonton has seen a decrease of 10.37% year over year. Homes in the Big Lake Communities are selling in an average of 46 days vs 54 days throughout Edmonton. 

As the market tightens, home buyers are looking for higher quality and better value for their dollar. The big lake neighbourhoods have a reputation of a more family centric community than most of Edmonton with lower crime and more architectural design than most of the city. Likewise you get more bang for your buck in Big Lake neighbourhoods than St. Albert, which draws a lot of buyers from that famously popular city.

All this adds up to a strong investment for families, with the average home up 19.9% over July of 2021. For comparison Edmonton as a whole is up 2.36% over July 2021 and St. Albert is up 10.24%. 

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