John has been a REALTOR for more than 19 years, and has a real passion for this business. He has a knack for looking at the bigger picture, and finding solutions where others can't and executing them in a simple and effective way. That's why he's respected as one of the most effective real estate agents in the Edmonton area.

It's this can-do attitude that has brought John into the leadership of the real estate industry. As a Director on the REALTORS ASSOCIATION OF EDMONTON, John dedicates his expertise and time to better the real estate industry and help raise the bar of professionalism and service.


After more than 20 years as a REALTOR, Barbro knows what needs to happen for a successful real estate transaction. She has seen it all, from booms to busts. Her experience is immeasurable when it comes to making the tough decisions about your real estate future.

Lee Monfette, REALTOR

Charisma. Instant "like". Whatever you want to call it, there's something captivating about Lee's positive attitude and energy. Working with Lee Monfette is simply FUN. And shouldn't moving into a new home be fun? We think it should!

Lee isn't just a fun friend, he's also dedicated and loyal. His experience as a firefighter has taught him there is no margin for error, and sometimes no second chances. Do it right the first time, or people die. That's the work ethic Lee brings to the job.