John has been a REALTOR for more than 18 years, and has a real passion for applying technology to the marketing and sale of real estate. His passion for the real estate business comes through in the way he leads this team and engages the business.

John lives in St. Albert with his 4 kids. He’s a dedicated father and committed to his community. Which means his lawns aren’t always mowed and his golf game sucks; both because he spends his non-work time with his family and helping out.

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Ben spent 25 years in the Canadian Forces as a “weapons tech”. What does that mean to you? It means you’re hiring an agent who knows that doing the job right isn’t an option. Do it right the first time.

Ben is passionate about giving back to his community. He’s heavily involved with local and military charities, and dedicates much of his free time to the wide variety of family & community focused charities he supports. 

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