Social Media is the New Normal

Social Media has been devastating newsprint advertising, shutting down magazines and newspapers across the globe, and changing the way every industry engages and advertises their product.

Real estate is no different.

To be effective agents in this new world, we need to have a social media plan to market your home and bring you measurable results. 20 years ago agents needed "phone skills" to convert inquiries from newspaper ads into showings and leads. Today "social media skills" are equally important, as most people take to the Internet and Social Media to find their homes. 

Go Where the People Are

When it comes to real estate on social media, Facebook is the 600 pound gorilla in the room. Facebook practically IS social media, dominating the competition with staggering numbers. So when you pick a REALTOR to sell your home, shouldn't you find out how proficient they are at exposing your home on Facebook?

Compare our traffic and results to those of other agents, and you'll quickly realize that Facebook is more than cute cat pictures and funny memes to our agents. Facebook is a useful medium for getting people interested in your home; IF your agent knows how to use it.

Isn't that why you're hiring an agent?

Facebook Results

Our Facebook Page, exclusive to our team, has over 6,000 likes (as of January 1 2016). If you want a comparison, search "Edmonton real estate" in Facebook and see what comes up. You'll see why our clients succeed on Facebook like no others.

If you're selling a home in the modern day, you need Facebook exposure. Contact our agents to get this level of exposure.

3 Social Media Questions to Ask Potential Agents

  • How many people do you have on your business page?
  • How many "engagements" does your page get per week?
  • Can we see an example of your Facebook marketing results?