How We Create Results

In 2016 the NiceAgents Team with RE/MAX scored an 84% sales-to-listing ratio. This means that 84% of the homes we listed resulted in a sale for our clients. Compare that to the industry average 56%.

Even in this tough real estate market our team creates results, selling homes when our competition are struggling. Here are a few examples of the tools we use to get you results.

Social Media

Marketing your home in the modern era requires modern tools. This means tools like Facebook and other social media sites are replacing old methods of advertising like newspapers and magazines. Our team has a focused and strategic system for using social media to get interest in your home, find buyers who want to see your home, and secure a successful sale. Click Here to learn more.

Spoiler alert: We don't post cat pictures.

RE/MAX Online

As the single largest real estate company on earth, RE/MAX provides us with some terrific opportunity for exposure and marketing of your home. RE/MAX has a great approach to online exposure. They combine regional, national, and international exposure to cover the entire world to ensure that if your buyer is out there, we're going to find them! 

Click Here to learn what RE/MAX can do for you.

Database Marketing

We started working on the sale of your home long before you ever came to this website. We've been using many of our systems and tools to make contact with, and build relationships with, potential buyers for your home. We learned long ago that buying a home is a long term decision, not an impulse buy. So we start the relationship early with buyers, building trust and getting to know how to best match them to your home. We call this the "art of the database". Click Here to learn more.